O Atlantic

1. I wanted, so badly, to roll my eyes and rage after reading this headline. I come from an academic world that is all for grand challenges, all for ridiculous attempts at large improvements in health metrics or disease eradications with limited resources. But internet?! Yes, in context: when Syria shuts down two-thirds of access in a national rebellion, it becomes a violation of freedom of expression; when communications are shut down, it becomes crisis. Damn good for the UN.

2. Spending power in various cities: I cheered! And then I scrolled down. Good demonstration of economic disparities in Texas, primarily as a function of well-run businesses and a poorly-run state; also a solid example of why the words “President Perry” strike terror in my heart. But as a San Antonian transplanted to Houston who also wants to live in D.C., I’m happy to keep moving up. And I would be willing to bet that health care costs are a major contributor to the valley’s incredibly low ranking.

O Atlantic

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